Vehicle Remapping

We offer two options for our vehicle remapping service; Tunit Diesel Performance (plug and play / removable device) or ‘custom remapping‘:

Custom Remapping

As a part of our service we will download your current ECU map then commission a bespoke analysis and remap designed to meet the requirements of your specific vehicle.  Prices start from £250+VAT (depending on your vehicle make and model).

We can also provide EGR delete (exhaust gas recirculation valve) and DPF (diesel particulate filter).  Price varies by vehicle, please contact us for a quote.


Tunit Diesel Performance

Tunit provides an efficient and adaptable method of enhancing a vehicles performance (power and torque) without the need to alter the vehicles original equipment or programming.

The advantages of the Tunit are:

  1. adjustment for optimum efficiency (both manually, by the customer and electronically, via a PC by a distributor);
  2. flexibility, as in movement from one vehicle to the next and ease of installation.


The principle of Tunit is to provide all the advantages that previous methods of tuning such as EPROM replacement and “flashing” or OBD tuning could not. The Tunit performance product carries an extensive three year warranty, part exchange program and after sales service.

The Diesel Tunit has been forged from many years of experience to bring a world class unbeatable range of diesel performance solutions. Tunit covers 1000 vehicle and diesel engine applications.
Tunit posseses many advantageous features not seen in other tuning solutions such as chips, eprom serial reprogramming (flashing) or other types of fixed map devices. It is interchangeable between vehicles, able to be upgraded and part exchanged for other types of Tunit. External to the ECU or `Plug and play` as it is often called means no interference with the original manufacturers engine equipment. Its option to adjust power and performance provides easy manual adjustment for the novice or finer electronic alterations for the more dedicated tuner. Tunit is backed up by an outstanding after sales service, part exchange program and class beating three year warranty.

All tunits are specifically designed to achieve enhanced diesel performance and economy by modifying the fuel injection parameters of the engine. Only by the careful interplay of these values and characteristics can the optimum performance of your engine be achieved.

The tunit does not over-fuel the engine or adjust boost pressure. All enhancements are safe and work within the engine’s own safety parameters programmed into the ECU. This means that the tunit cannot damage your engine and works with the manufacture’s settings to achieve maximum efficiency.

Immediately the increased power and torque can be felt. The throttle response is improved and particularly low and mid range torque is vastly improved, making the overall performance of the vehicle completely different. When carrying loads and/or towing, the extra power is a also great advantage. The overall drive becomes more pleasurable and the engine in most instances runs smoother.

On average customers see an improvement in fuel economy of 7-10%. A recent tunit customer survey found that 75% of customers achieved an average of 12% better fuel economy, and a recent scientific study found the tunit reduced harmful emissions by 27%.


Prices for the Tunit unit start from £468 +VAT. Typical fitting cost is an additional £60-100 (dependent on the vehicle).